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July 10th 2014

I made a thing because of reasons.

May 27th 2014

A few of the Daring gifs without the text.

May 27th 2014

Ever After Tropes: Daring Charming

May 16th 2014

Ever After Tropes: Madeline Hatter

I had a really difficult time deciding what to do for “Daddy’s Girl” so here’s an alternate:

May 15th 2014

Working on Maddie Tropes and decided to leave these gifs by themself.

May 11th 2014

Ever After Tropes: Dexter Charming

May 11th 2014

Working on Dexter Charming Tropes and

Just needed that gif on it’s own

May 11th 2014

So someone sent in a confession to Ever After High Confessions saying they wanted Maddie to have a Pinkamena moment, so you know…this happened and I’m not the least bit sorry.

May 05th 2014

Ever After Tropes: Briar Beauty

April 16th 2014

I was inspired (x)

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